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Latte flavor

Indulge in the pure essence of nature with our lineup of Organic Clean Ingredient Lattes, meticulously crafted to elevate your coffee experience. Each sip is a journey through simplicity and quality, featuring the richness of raw cow's milk sourced from local, trusted farms.

1. Honey Lavender Vanilla Latte:
Embark on a sensory adventure with the delightful combination of honey, lavender, and vanilla. Our organic raw cow's milk lends a creamy texture while delivering essential nutrients, enzymes, and probiotics to support your well-being.

2. Vanilla Latte:
Classic meets perfection in our Vanilla Latte, where the smoothness of raw cow's milk accentuates the timeless allure of vanilla and raw honey. Indulge in the harmonious blend of simplicity and sophistication.

3. Skinny Latte with Espresso and Cinnamon:
For those seeking a lighter option, our Skinny Latte is a guilt-free delight. Made with raw cow's milk, espresso, and a touch of cinnamon, this latte offers a satisfying flavor without compromising on your health-conscious choices.

4. Alchemist Latte with Espresso, Milk, Honey, and Maple Syrup:
Unleash your inner alchemist with our signature creation. This enchanting latte blends the boldness of espresso with the richness of raw cow's milk, elevated by the natural sweetness of honey and maple syrup. A concoction that transcends the ordinary.

Complementing the wholesome goodness of our lattes is our in-house organic oat milk. Crafted with care, this preservative-free alternative is made from simple, clean ingredients, ensuring a velvety texture that enhances the flavors of your favorite latte.

To sweeten the deal, we use only the finest organic clean ingredient syrups, ensuring that each latte is a celebration of natural flavors without any unnecessary additives.

Experience the art of simplicity and the richness of quality in every sip. Our Organic Clean Ingredient Lattes are not just beverages; they're a commitment to your well-being and an exploration of delightful flavors. Treat yourself to a coffee experience that transcends the ordinary.

*Please note all lattes are shipped/delivered frozen.