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Collective Group 1-Day Juice Cleanse (Starts 7/25/2023)


It's easier to cleanse with a group rather than by yourself! Join our juicing community on a 1-day group juice cleanse. From check-ins to helpful tips from other community members to direct access to John (The Alchhemist) and Rocio (Owners of Divine Juicery) you can take your juice cleanse experience to a whole new level.

Our next group cleanse will start July 25, 2023.

WhatsApp Divine Juicery Nutrition Community Link Click Here

Any questions you may have or check-ins to help keep yourself accountable will be done using WhatsApp so be sure to have this app downloaded to your smart phone/ device. 

Instructions for the group cleanse will be sent inside the group message along with a set of juice cleanse instructions you'll receive with your juice order.

Cleanse type:

Best Tasting Juice Cleanse (All of our best tasting juices in one cleanse)


We will be shipping, delivering, and doing pick-ups the week prior to our group cleanse start date.

Cleanse benefits: 

  1. Reduce/ reverse various diseases: As you cleanse people will notice your glow! Let us explain…generally not only will you begin to feel better while cleansing but you’ll also notice many of the chronic symptoms such as bloating, cramping, rashes, inflammation (throughout the body), chronic headaches, skin, acne, constipation, high cholesterol, high blood sugar and so much more begin to reverse and in some cases completely go away on longer term cleanses. Our juices are designed to flood the body with all the proper micro and macro nutrients for your healing.
  1. Weight loss: On average you can expect 1-3 pounds of weight loss per day depending on your body type. (Example: If someone were to embark on our 5-day cleanse you could expect anywhere from 5-12 pounds of weight loss.) We recommend a 3-day cleanse minimum if this is your primary goal.
  1. Detoxification: On average there are 147 industrial chemicals in the bloodstream of Americans some of which are present in newborn infants. To efficiently support each phase of the detox process we ensure a very broad range of raw plant driven nutrients to combat the accumulation of these harmful toxins.
  1. Repair you gut: Foods that contain refined sugars, refined carbs, additives, preservatives along with common medications such as antibiotics and antacids can impair the functioning of the gut. This is one of the main causes when it comes to the imbalance of the micro biome along with tears in the intestinal barrier also know as (leaky gut). Consuming our phytonutrient dense plant-based juice cleanse uses less energy while assisting the gut in repairing itself.


How it works:

  1. What time to consume your juice: On the top of each juice bottle, you will see a day and time of when to consume each juice. Follow the time protocols on the bottle caps throughout the cleanse duration.

9am: Morning shot

10am: Juice

1pm: Juice

4pm: Juice

7pm: Juice

  1. What can I eat: We recommend to only consume your juices. However, if you absolutely need to eat something then you can have 1 avocado, 1 handful of berries or 1 banana once a day is ok. (Only 1 item per day). This will take the edge off without disrupting the detox process.
  1. What can I drink: Drink as much water as you’d like – alkaline water recommended. Also, 1 cup of organic unsweetened tea once a day is ok as well. No coffee.



Siddhi: Apple, Spinach, Pineapple, Cucumber, Lime, Broccoli Stem, Pea Pods, Avocado, Hemp Hearts

Alchemy: Apple, Pineapple, Celery Stalk, Carrot, Broccoli Stem, Beet Root, Lemon, Banana, Avocado, Hemp Hearts

Soul-Stice Shot: Pineapple, Ginger