About Us

John and Rocio McFadden

Our story began with a choice.

A choice to make our lives more fulfilling for our mind, body and soul. In alignment with our higher selves, we have pledged to bring awareness to practical nutrition and awaken our inner power through practical lifestyles changes.

We completely understand what it is to be under the “fast-food spell” and live in the addicting cycle of diet culture. Our co-founder, Rocio, decided to stop living in that cycle of beginning diets to lose weight only to gain in it all back. She became tired of the low energy, of enduring the aches and pains, and realized it was time for her to reclaim her POWER and take charge of her life. This began the change for herself and her family that forever altered their way of life.

After challenging herself and her husband, John McFadden, to a 4-week juice cleanse, they saw what a micronutrient rich diet could do. Using ingredients that are plucked from the Earth, they were able to discover first hand how fruits and vegetables could heal all aliments of the body.

John then began the intense process of understanding the chemistry and functioning of the human body. With this knowledge he created juice recipes in harmony with the biochemistry and cellular function to begin reversing disease and toxin build up in the body.

It is their goal to heal the planet by introducing nutritious food options that are affordable for everyone. Paired with a desire to empower their community, John and Rocio continue to strive for change and partner with philanthropic organizations that seek to do just that.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Gandhi